Introducing Barry Made Studio to Elle & Elka, "designed in Australia by two sisters, for all sisters’



Barry Made is an infusion of the vibrant café culture, a meeting point and creative space for the modern multi-tasker. Their designs are a well-coordinated blend of past eras in flattering silhouettes, with soft touches of new season shades and shapes.



‘Barry’, is their family name and it has been in the rag trade for over 40 years and their Aunty is Michelle - M.A.Dainty.

They are the youngest barry girls, the next generation of sisters that share wardrobes and a love for all things casual. Together, they decided it was time for casual staples that adapt and experiment in an ever-changing world, with beautiful natural fabrics where possible.




Barry is made to be versatile and ageless, what you wear gallivanting from a to b on your weekends.


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