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AYU / Black Musk Scented Oil / Travel Size 15ml

AYU / Black Musk Scented Oil / Travel Size 15ml

They are the perfect size to pack when you are heading away, the 15ml bottle makes makes your luggage a little lighter.

 Black Musk is an exotic, plant-derived scent. The deep smell of jasmine and labdanum fuses with earthy, woody notes of vetiver, agarwood, henna and sandalwood, transforming a delicate floral into an opulent, unisex blend. Uplifting yet grounding, the properties of these aromatics have been revered for centuries due to their healing and spiritual qualities and are noted as some of the oldest recorded scents within the Vedas.

Ayu scents are hand-blended in a base of the finest ingredients

Size 15ml

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