Botanic Enve / Nectar Eau de Parfum 10ml / Nectar

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Colour: nectar

Size: U

Nectar: Fruity + Subtle Floral

Nostaglic memories of lazy summer afternoons, nothing to do, no where to be. An essence of inspirational beauty

Smells like: Sweet citrus + juicy ripe stone fruits laced with a subtle floral bouquet with a sweet woody base.

100% Vegan, made entirely from plant based ingredients - Feel beautiful & smell amazing without compromise.

Ingredients: Plant based ethanol (grape) natural fragrance blend of - Citrus Paradisi (Pink Grapefruit) Essential Oil, Citrus Reticulata Peel (Tangerine Essential) Oil, Copaifera Officianalis (Copaiba Balsam), Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (Natural), Natural Pear Isolate, Natural Peach Isolate, Lisylang (Natural), Alpha Ionone (Natural), Cucumber Extract (Natural), Melanol Natural.